Thursday, 21 March 2013

Sold too soon

The DJI is pretty much at the point where I sold out. If I had held the shares which I ditched I would be sitting on another £7000 of profit. I'm kicking myself, as you can imagine. But I have to compliment myself on the sheer quality of my shares picks: yielding such a return in a couple of days in a flat market is no mean feat.

I was playing the odds and they were not in my favour. So I was better out than in.

The FTSE, DAX and CAC have all taken a hit. Not nearly as big as I would have expected given the Cyprus problem, but they are down nevertheless.

Gold languishes.

So I sit here seeing that I have missed an opportunity by running for cover. But I am still here and I have taken the profit I need to lead the good life next year.

My next worry is this. Inflationary pressures are sitting in the wings. Prices are likely to rise at rates not seen for many years. Will my portfolio continue to support my standard of living as prices erode the buying power of my profits?

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