Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Sitting on my hands

I'm mostly out of the market: 87% cash, 9% gold, 4% one remaining UK equity. And as I watch the Dow oscillate in a channel (between the two pink lines), I have to sit on my hands and avoid doing anything silly.

The temptation comes each time I see an up day.

  • Spring is still the time of year when markets rise and I don't want to be left on the sidelines when prices forge ahead. 
  • Governments are still throwing money at the market (though the new UK capital requirement may slow the flow of QE into shares. British banks are required to inject cash into their balance sheets without reducing lending to the "real" economy. No doubt the banks will find a way to cheat but in the mean time the there may be less cash to lend to speculators. That could be one of the reasons the FTSE is losing steam - though the last three days suggest a mild return of confidence). 

Looking at the DAX shows how badly shaken European investors have been by the Cyprus crisis.

Finally, and just for fun, lets have a look at the Hang Seng to see what is happening in the Far East. The market has had a rough old time but clearly they couldn't care less about Cyprus and the Euro Zone's problems.

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