Thursday, 5 December 2013

The deed is done and some dog walking

The reorganization of my GVC shares into my ISA is done and pretty painless it was. I don't know why I worried. I spoke to my stockbroker who arranged a kind of Bed and ISA deal. That's where you set up to sell set of stock in one account and repurchase it in another simultaneously. The broker approaches a market
maker and transacts the deal. It worked like a dream. Within minutes it was done with the spread narrowed from 5 pence to half a penny per share. That saved me a packet. In addition GVC is registered in the Isle of Man and so does not attract stamp duty. I had to pay telephone dealing commission instead of web rate but that was well worth the money, it saved me a packet.

My only regret is that I did not do the trade a couple of days ago. GVC came out with a trading statement and the price shot up by 3%.  I would have preferred to have that profit in my ISA than in my SIPP. Even there the BED and ISA deal helped because I was able to do the trade close to the sell price instead of the buy price and managed to shift some of the profit into the ISA that way.

It was all quite new to me.

In order to purchase into my ISA I sold off poorer performing US and HK shares (DRAD LEE 1001 635 287). To do this I had to pay the 2% exchange rate fee. You will remember this is the whole reason why I shifted my only remaining UK SIPP share into my ISA: to avoid paying these outrageous costs each time I trade.

The markets

And what about that market pullback? It's been quite vicious but there are signs that it may be coming to an end. The FTSE and DAX are both up this morning and Hong Kong ended higher than it opened. China shares look fairly strong on the futures market.

The DOW and the S&P ended their day looking much stronger having recovered a large part of their losses. I prefer my old style charts because they show this level of detail. With that extra information I have a better idea of what might happen next. I am cautiously optimistic and look forward to spending all that extra cash in
my SIPP buying more China shares. My current holding has bucked the trend and I am doing well despite the weak market.

Dog Walking

Each morning and some evenings I take Alfie, our Parson Jack Russell, for a walk. Mobile phones are remarkable things what with their cameras et al. I use mine to record the amazing skies I witness most days. I thought I would share a few with you.

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