Monday, 6 October 2014

And up again - Pea and mint pasta recipe

It looks as though that last pull back was rather short lived. What we do have is a rather strong signal that our most recent low was higher than the previous one and that we could have a new buying opportunity. Hard to say how long it will last. It is likely to make a new high though.

The fact that I pulled out of my US shares does not worry me at all. The costs of trading in the US are low since there is no stamp duty to pay. Broker's fees are low too and spreads are minimal. I'm going to be looking for shares that were beaten down in the last pull back and are due for a nice rebound. I could be buying from this afternoon onward and expect to be fully invested by Wednesday. I suspect I need to move fast because this rally may be short lived and I will be taking my profits even more quickly than I did in the last rally. This time I will be grabbing the money as it comes and will not be waiting for the inevitable pull back.

I have held onto more of my UK shares since they have been doing better. But I still have some cash in that portfolio which I will reinvest. I'll let you know what  I have bought and when.

Pea and mint pasta

Another great vegetarian recipe for four people.

Use 350 gms any type of pasta shape that takes your fancy and cook as per the timing recommended on the packet. Add 200 gms of frozen peas per for the last minute of cooking.

In the mean time prepare the sauce. Blend about 200 gms of crème fraîche, 300gms of thawed peas, 100 gms grated mature cheddar, the leaves from a bunch of mint and salt. Blend until smooth. When the pasta and peas are cooked scoop out a mug-full of the cooking water, drain the pasta and return to the pan. Add the sauce and add the reserved water to achieve the consistency you like. Mix thoroughly and serve.

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