Monday, 24 March 2014

Not my usual mealy mouthed post

Busy weekend so no post.It looks to me that the market is primed for a fall. It may not happen today, or even tomorrow, but soon.

  • We have had a series of lower highs. 
  • Friday saw one of those volume spikes that suggest there may be a change in direction. 
  • The time of year is right for a pull back at the very least. 
  • And the fundamentals are starting to point in the wrong direction. 
    • QE is coming to an end, 
    • people are starting to speak of rising interest rates 
    • the economy is coming out of the doldrums so governments are going to take their feet off the accelerator. 
  • I've read reports that insiders are nine times more likely to sell shares in their companies than to buy them. What do they know that we don't I wonder? Perhaps they're expecting profits to stall.

I have cleared the decks. I took a small but expensive excursion back into gold when I thought the yellow metal might recommence its rise. I've pulled out of that too. Very often a sell off is a sell off. Avoid risk at all costs. That usually benefits the Dollar, the Yen and the swiss Franc.

So I'm set for the summer. Provided I do not fall into temptation.

That was an uncharacteristically clear expression of my belief. I have acted on it. But I may still be wrong.

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