Thursday, 13 February 2014

Rally. Really?

I've been slow coming out with this post. Pressure of fun. Lots of activity and more to come. So the next few posts could be slow in coming.

Where have we got to on the markets? Well you have all seen that the pull back seems to have stalled. The market creamed through the 38% Fibonacci and has now recovered 50% of its fall.

As ever I have been a little slow in catching up. I bought back into the UK market on Tuesday and into the US market yesterday.

The UK batch of shares are already yielding results They have paid their trading costs (spread, fees and stamp duty) and are showing a modest profit. I have used a different selection system from last time since it has shown a better performance of the last few months. It focuses more on price performance but still looks for good fundamentals. The shares I have bought are: SAFE III PTEC CAML AMER RNWH. Only CAML has disappointed so far.

In the US the best Unisearches have yielded a very different batch of shares. There is a strong bias towards mining shares. I am under no illusion that this market carries a huge risk. It is a a very volatile market and it relies on continued recovery in the gold and metals markets. Both are doing reasonably well at present. Gold is rising from what appears to be a decent support level. Time will tell whether I have taken too much of a gamble.

I have not entirely left my China shares behind but they no longer make up 100% of my holdings in the US. My US holdings are:  GPL BRD GIGM URG PTN PLM MDW RBY GMCR MU NFLX ESRX GILD BIDU SMI VIPS NQ SYMX RBY PZG

I've a massive regret among my China holdings. I sold DHRM with a 25% profit. Since then it has more than doubled in price. Holding on would have made a huge contribution to my position for the year. Hindsight is wonderful.

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