Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Nails bitten to the quick

The big question for me is: will that line hold? For the past three days it has teetered on the brink. Today is no different. The market has broken down but has not yet penetrated the lows of the last few days. Only time will tell. But I still have no negative signal.

Individual shares on the other hand are different. I have two that are creaking all of a sudden. GTN is really bad and EVC is almost as bad. I think I have to get rid of both. The question is do I wait till they recover a bit or do I ditch them now and take the whole of the horrible losses. I'll let you know when I decide.

Clear information is emerging about my stock picking systems as they work in the real world. The two top unisearches in my list (A and B) are indeed performing the best. A has generated the equivalent of over 50% return pa in the space of a month when the market has done nothing. System B is not far behind. System D on the other hand has generated some dismal returns.

The results are more or less as expected, but until you try in the real world you don't know for sure. It is almost time to take profits, rerun the systems and buy new shares. A good moment to ditch the shares bought with system D and go to systems A and B 100%. (See this post for the original work on this selection of unisearches.)

It's summertime and we have loads of visitors so posts are shorter and less frequent. Bear with me we shall soon be back up to speed.

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