Thursday, 18 July 2013

What a difference a day makes?

The high DJI of May 22 has been broken. The move up is not super-convincing but it has happened. And for me the more important fact is that the market has given me my buy signal. My toes, or perhaps even my knees are in the water. I have bought 6 US shares They are KTOS LEE ARC ORBC SBCF and SNV. They come, three each, from my two top performing unisearches.

 My nerves are on edge because we are at a new all time high on both the DOW and the S&P.

It helps that my UK portfolio has improved. Five winners and five losers as of today. The ghastly THT gave me a bad scare and it has ended the day lower once more. It has broken through the 89 day moving average but it did recover some of its losses as the day went on. So I decided that fortune favours the brave and it got another day's grace. All this angst results from the fact that I do not have a UK stop loss plan. No Simulator, no backtests, no system.

So that's how things stand. I am 49% invested. 45% of the total is in equities and the remaining 3% is my short ETF in US treasury bonds. 61% of the invested amount is in UK stock and 39% is in US.

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